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FOEX Indexes Ltd is an independent company providing audited, trade-mark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper and wood based biomass price indices.

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Apr 27, 2016

Market Comments

Pulp Inventory Statistics

Global chemical paper grade market pulp shipments of in March/16 totalled 4.372 million tons, an increase of 13.4% from February/16 and an increase of 5.2% from March/15. Total inventories stood at the end of March/16 at 38 days of supply, down by 1 day from February/16 but up by two days compared to the end of March/15.  Source PPPC.  (Apr 27)

Utipulp European pulp consumer March/16 figures include only softwood as several European companies have not declared their statistics for hardwood and therefore some national associations have not delivered hardwood data. Softwood inventories in March/16 were 207 600 tons, up by 2 400 tons or 1.2% from February/16, but down by 19 500 tons or 8.6% from March/15. In days, the softwood inventories were at 18 days of consumption, an increase by one day from the inventories in February/16 but lower by one day compared to a year ago. Source: Utipulp  (Apr 20)

Pulp inventories at European ports increased in March/16 by 33 100 tons or 2.8% to 1 199 900 tons compared to February/16 inventories. Compared to March/15 the port inventories were higher in 2016 by 105 700 tons or by 9.7%.  Source: Europulp  (Apr 25)