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Jun 26, 2018

Market Comments

PIX Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland Indices

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PIX Sawlogs, Birch Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland – Wood sales in Finland were busy during the 4 first months of this year. The wood volume bought from private forests by the member companies of the Forest Industries Federation during January-April was 11.3 Mm³, over 50% more than the 10-year average of this period. Compared to the previous year, the sales of logs were up by 1%, while in pulpwood they were up by 4%. Russia is reducing its logging volumes and introducing quotas for birch veneer log exports. These measures are expected to further promote the domestic wood processing. The harvesting volume in Russia in 2017 was 212.4 Mm³, down from 2016 by 0.65%.

Wood procurement was very lively also in May, as the total volume increased by 57%, y-o-y, and by 136% from April, according to the wood trade statistics delivered by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. All log and pulpwood grades showed significant growth, between 46% and 68% when compared to the previous year, and three-digit growth percentages when compared to April 2018. The largest growth from the previous year was seen in pine (+68% in logs, +64% in pulpwood), while the largest increase from the previous month was recorded by spruce logs, i.e. +164%. The PIX Softwood Sawlogs Finland index value moved up by 2.02 euros, or by 3.30%, and settled at 63.23 EUR/m³. The PIX Birch Sawlogs Finland index value headed north by 1.90 euros, or by 4.26%, ending at 46.46 EUR/m³. The PIX Pulpwood Finland benchmark value increased by 34 cents, corresponding to 1.99%, with the index closing at 17.45 EUR/m³.

The PIX Wood Finland price indices are based on the monthly wood trade data by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, which we convert to a volume weighted 3-month revolving average for our benchmark values, after removing the extreme highs and lows before the index calculation.