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      Date: Oct  2, 2018
     Title: Pellet Continental 2.10.2018

PIX Bioenergy - Pellet Continental

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Pellet Continental Europe – The industrial pellet spot offers have been very limited in late summer and early autumn. Spot prices have increased but as the heating season is still ahead, sellers can be expected to wait for colder temperatures and higher prices.

French FICAP has placed an order for the world’s first continuous steam explosion system for black pellets production, to be supplied by Valmet. The start-up of the plant is expected in 2020 and it will have a capacity of 120 000 tpa of black and white pellets.

According to the Hawkins Wright Forest Energy Monitor, pellet imports to the EU from outside sources totalled 4.9 million tons in the first half of 2018, showing an increase of 12%, y-o-y. The US was again the main source. Imports from North America continued on a growth path whereas the Russian volumes declined somewhat, y-o-y.

September was still a quite warm month in Central Europe, but the heating season is approaching, and stock-building is ongoing. The PIX Pellet Continental index headed higher by 2.45 euros, or by 1.18%, and settled at 209.30 EUR/ton, almost the same value as we started the year 2018 with.