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      Date: Jan  2, 2018
     Title: Pellet Continental 2.1.2018

PIX Bioenergy - Pellet Continental

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Pellet Continental Europe – According to the AEBIOM Statistical Report, pellet production in the EU-28 countries totaled 14 million tons in 2016 (down by 0.4% from 2015). EU-28 accounted for 39% of the total world pellet production of 36.1 million tons.

With the cold weather in December, the supply situation has remained tight in the European heating pellet market, as reported by Hawkins Wright Forest Energy Monitor. However, as the German heating pellet producers increased their output already in the summer, their inventories have been higher. The winter weather has caused some problems for pellet deliveries e.g. in Italy and Germany.

On the raw material side, the German sawmill residues market, after having been quite balanced throughout the year, has somewhat tightened towards the end of the year. The reasons behind this development include the well running pellet and panel mills, lower than average stocks and logistics problems caused by temporary closing down of railways in the Rhine valley region in October due to storms. However, logging activity has been good and sawmills are expected to take only short Christmas-New Year downtime this year.

The PIX Pellet Continental index for the medium-scale use headed higher by 2.83 euros, or by 1.37%, and closed at 209.26 EUR/ton.