PIX Bioenergy

FOEX Indexes Ltd has two ongoing solid wood based biomass price index projects:

  • Woody forest biomass (Forestbio)
  • Wood pellets (Pelletsbio)

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FOEX has currently one official and a few planned price indices concentrating on the prices of woody biomass:

PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index (Published 2nd Tuesday of the month since March 2012)

  • Please find a leaflet of Forest Biomass Finland Index here

Planned indices are

  • Similar adjacent indices as PIX Forest Biomass Finland for Sweden and other Nordics


FOEX has currently two official price indices concentrating on the prices of wood pellets:

PIX Pellet Nordic Index (Published 3rd Tuesday of the month since November 2009)

  • Please find a leaflet of Pellet Nordic Index here

PIX Pellet Continental Index (Published 1st Tuesday of month since December 2011)

  • Please find a leaflet of Pellet Continental Index here

PIX Pellet Nordic CIF index quarterly graph
Austrian Pellet Index

News and other information:

FOEX Bioenergy and biomass. We are preparing to launch our monthly PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index during March. The index will concentrate on wood chips as well as sawdust and bark produced for energy use in Finland. If you have not been contacted yet, and are interested taking part in this as a price data provider, please contact our biomass index coordinator Mr. Tuomo Neuvonen, tuomo(at)foex.fi. As with all FOEX indexes, the names of the participants will be kept strictly confidential. Price discovery process participants receive, in addition to the index values, also our regular market reviews.

We are also further developing our planned Global Wood Chip Index and welcome all new interested parties to take part in our data collection/price discovery process. You may contact our managing director Mr. Timo Teräs (timo(at)foex.fi), Mr. Tuomo Neuvonen (tuomo(at)foex.fi) or send an e-mail to our general address info(at)foex.fi.

We welcome new information providers and affiliates for our pellet indexes as well. The index history series, graphs and other FOEX products for internal use can be bought through our web pages or by contacting FOEX staff. (Mar 5, 2012)

FOEX/WRI has woodchip indexes under development. We invite all those involved in the trade to participate into the finalization of the index specifications and in the preliminary data collection. Please see further information by clicking to FOEX WRI Woodchip index status and Invitation to Woodchip indexes and contact us at info(at)foex.fi if you are a) able to attend the proposed meetings b) willing to participate in conference calls c) interested in participating in the data collection process. Thank you. (Feb 10, 2011)

FOEX and proPellets, the Austrian Pellet Industry Association, have agreed on co-operation. proPellets will deliver to FOEX producer/trader prices of medium scale pellet users (delivered in 15-ton lots) in Austria. FOEX and proPellets publish this information as a preliminary sub-index on their webpages. This data will form part of wider wood pellet price indices, under development by FOEX. FOEX has exclusive rights on commercial use of these indices in price agreements and price risk hedging. (Oct 19, 2009)

UK based HawkinsWright has started publishing a newsletter called "Forest Energy Monitor". The newsletter can be subscribed to at: www.hawkinswright.com/forestenergy. (May 14, 2009)

PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index Specification

Based on actual physical deals of forest residues and wood based industry byproducts in Finland
PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index includes both forest residues and industry byproducts
Net prices and quantities per € and MWh without taxes
Terms of delivery: reported for chipped/crushed material delivered to the place of use
If other than above mentioned units are used, FOEX uses transformation coefficients for those
Prices are actual monthly prices from two months before the publishing month (E.g. Data: Jan. -> published:Mar.)

PIX Pellet Continental Medium Scale Index Specification

Net prices for ENPlus-A2/ÖNORM M 7135 wood pellets
Lot size: 26 tons in Germany, 17 tons in Austria
Net prices in Euro/ton
Terms of delivery: delivered at end client's warehouse in Germany/Austria within 50 km distance
Prices are without taxes but including loading costs
Prices are latest actual monthly prices

PIX Pellet Nordic Industrial Index Specification

Prices for wood pellets with diameter of 6-10 mm, max ash content of 3%, moisture content below 10% and net calorific value ≥ 16,5 GJ/t
Prices are reported in Euro/MWh or Euro/ton. Prices in Euro/ton are transformed into Euro/MWh using the coefficient of 4.8 unless otherwise informed by the price reporter
Terms of delivery: CIF Baltic Sea port or North Sea Port (for sea transport) and DDU (for truck or rail transport)
Net prices without taxes
Prices are latest actual monthly delivery prices