What is Fastmarkets FOEX?

Fastmarkets FOEX is a leading Price Reporting Agency providing audited, trademark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper, wood-based bioenergy and timber price indices

PIX Bioenergy and Wood Service

Wood-based bioenergy makes up a vital part of the Finnish, Swedish and wider Nordic energy palette. As the world moves toward sustainability through renewable energy and increased use of wood, we are eager to deliver a more robust service to include the growing interest in wood-based products for the move toward a low-carbon economy and a solution to climate change.

The Finnish wood bioenergy market is growing and a reduction in the use of coal and peat is expected to further increase future demand. Prices of Finnish forest bioenergy have increased, with our sub-index for Finnish forest residues rising by over 10% in 2019-2021, for example. While a majority of Finnish wood-based bioenergy comes from forest residues and industry by-products, alongside these, wood pellets have a larger share in e.g. Denmark and Sweden. Wood pellets have become a global commodity with almost 40 million tonnes consumed in 2020. The international sawn timber market boomed in 2021 despite the pandemic, and Finnish export volumes increased by about 35% during the first three quarters compared to pre-pandemic levels. Finnish sawn timber export prices rose to record-high levels, but after the most heated moment the prices have come down, as tracked by our sawn softwood indices.

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What we cover:

  • PIX Forest Biomass Finland indices – Finnish solid wood-based biomass for energy
  • PIX Pellet Nordic index – industrial-scale use of wood pellets in the Nordic countries
  • PIX Sawn Timber Finland indices – Finnish export prices for pine and spruce lumber

Our indices are calculated from prices of actual trades.

5 ways you can use Fastmarkets PIX Bioenergy and Wood Service:

  • Basis for a price formation directly with a customer/supplier
  • Basis for internal raw material pricing/invoicing between profit centers (e.g. from sawmill to pellet mill)
  • Hedging - through an exchange or bank/other financial institution - product or raw material price risk against a reliable index
  • Market research
  • As a useful reference tool, based on industry information. A transparent and objective source of up-to-date market information

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