What is Fastmarkets FOEX?

As part of leading cross-commodity Price Reporting Agency Fastmarkets, FOEX is providing audited, trademark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper, wood-based bioenergy and timber price indices

About Fastmarkets FOEX


  • Company located in Helsinki, Finland
  • Owned by Fastmarkets Group Limited
  • Publishes audited pulp, paper, recovered paper, bioenergy, and sawn timber price indices
  • Offers contracts to the financial community for the use, against commission, of PIX indices as benchmarks for financial products used in hedging price risk
  • Offers contracts with individual companies to use PIX indices as a basis for their supply contracts with their clients/suppliers or internally
  • Owns the trademark rights to PIX and PIX Index
  • Provides subscribers with up-to-date pulp & paper market information
  • Fastmarkets exclusive re-seller of the Fastmarkets FOEX PIX subscriptions
  • Staff highly experienced in pulp and paper sector

Corporate Policies

  • Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement - Fastmarkets abides by the company's Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement which can be found via the following link


  • 1986 - Finnish Options Exchange, public company main products: exchange rate and interest rate futures and options
  • 1996-98 - First indexes launched: PIX trade-marked, pulp futures and options traded
  • 1999 - FOEX ceases to be an exchange and is privatized. Name changed to FOEX Indexes Ltd. Year 1999 onwards new indices being launched almost yearly
  • 2017 - FOEX is aqcuired by Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
  • 2019 - Becomes part of Fastmarkets, a leading cross-commodity Price Reporting Agency
  • 2023 - Fastmarkets demerges from Delinian (formerly known as Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC) and is now backed by Astorg private equity

Fastmarkets FOEX Expert Paneltoggle

The purpose of the Fastmarkets FOEX Expert Panel has been to serve as a discussion forum and supportive group in e.g. possible cases of disturbances in the PIX index process, by providing the panel’s view on the price formation. No such disturbances have occurred.

Fastmarkets FOEX has strengthened its PIX index methodologies in its process to align with the IOSCO Principles for Price Reporting Agencies. The methodologies now encompass formal policies and procedures for extraordinary situations, lessening the need for the Expert Panel.

In these circumstances, and with part of the current Expert Panel members having retired or moved on in their careers, Fastmarkets FOEX has deemed it appropriate to discontinue the Expert Panel in January 2023.

We thank all the Expert Panel members, past and present, who have contributed with their expertise and insight through the years.