What is Fastmarkets FOEX?

Fastmarkets FOEX is an independent company providing audited, trademark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper, wood and wood-based bioenergy price indices


Apr 9, 2020

Fastmarkets Successfully Completes IOSCO Assurance Review for its FOEX PIX Pulp and Paper Pricing Division

Mar 19, 2020

Fastmarkets FOEX - Helsinki, March 19, 2020 The Covid-19 epidemic causes many inconveniences. Our goal at Fastmarkets FOEX is to be of service to you to our best abilities also in these circumstances. We will be working remotely and apologize any delay to our deliverables this may cause.  We also recommend that you contact us on our mobile phones. Please find here our contact details.

Please see a coverage note about our business continuity plan here.


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Key Principles

Fastmarkets FOEX is engaged in developing the PIX price index methodology and process to bring it in line with IOSCO’s Principles for Price Reporting Agencies (PRA).

Compliance requires PRA’s to have defined guidelines and policies in place to ensure consistent and standardized procedures, in Fastmarkets FOEX’s case the production of the PIX price indices. (IOSCO, International Organization of Securities Commissions, www.iosco.org).

The PIX Pulp Europe, Pulp China and Recovered Paper Europe Methodology and Specifications, The Fastmarkets FOEX/RISI Confidential Contributed Data Protection Protocol, The Fastmarkets FOEX Complaints Policy and The Fastmarkets FOEX Conflict of Interest Policy are gathered in the web-site section PIX Methodologies & Policies.

The PIX price indices are prepared and published according to defined specifications and key principles, some of them listed below, which are common for all PIX price indices:

  • The PIX price indices are calculated from price data received from buyers and sellers
  • One index per year is audited externally
  • Fastmarkets FOEX does not engage in price forecasting
  • Participation to the index formation process must be voluntary and free of charge
  • Participants must be allowed to remain anonymous

PIX indices and launch dates