What is Fastmarkets FOEX?

Fastmarkets FOEX is a leading Price Reporting Agency providing audited, trademark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper, wood-based bioenergy and timber price indices

PIX Paper

Paper A4 B-copy Ctd WF LWC Newsprint Europe
Minimum amount 5 tons 10 tons 20 tons 20 tons
g/m2 80 100 60 45
Reels/sheets sheets reels reels reels
Brightness ISO 90-96 >85 70-76 58-60
Coating Uncoated 2-side coated 2-side coated Uncoated
Fibre furnish Chemical and/or deinked pulp Chemical and/or deinked pulp Mechanical, deinked, some chemical pulp Mechanical and/or deinked pulp
End use Mainly for photocopying, office printing Commercial printing, high quality magazines and catalogues Mainly for offset printing of magazines and catalogues Mainly newspapers
General spgecifications
  • Terms of delivery: d/d European buyer, buyer’s printer or converter
  • Terms of payment: 10-14 days with cash discount, 30-60 days net or other term of payment which is used in the majority of sales/purchases
  • Transaction prices before customer-specific discounts or rebates
  • Participants report their most recent transaction prices for delivery during the previous, current or following month
  • Custom and other duties paid (if any)
  • Price per metric ton in Euro, prices in local European or other currencies are converted into Euro with the exchange rate on Friday of the week preceding the publication of the weekly index