Jun 4, 2019

COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to US Newsprint Coverage - Consultation

In view of changes on the US newsprint market, Fastmarkets FOEX proposes a number of updates to its PIX US Newsprint indices.

1. Since the US newsprint market has shifted towards lighter basis weights, Fastmarkets FOEX proposes to discontinue price assessments for PIX US Newsprint (30 lb/48.8 g). We would continue to publish the PIX US Newsprint 27.65 lb (45 g).

2. As newsprint of lower brightness has become more common, Fastmarkets FOEX proposes to adjust its current specifications from 58-60 ISO to 55-58 ISO.

3. Fastmarkets FOEX currently tracks US newsprint delivered to the east coast. We are investigating whether to include deliveries to the west coast in one single US Newsprint index.  Fastmarkets FOEX encourages market participants to submit feedback on such a potential change.

The following price series would be affected:

PIX US Newsprint (30 lb/48.8 g)

PIX US Newsprint 27.65 lb (45 g)

The changes #1 and #2 would likely be implemented at the start of 2020. Depending on the feedback received, we will evaluate how to move forward with #3.

Fastmarkets FOEX is inviting feedback on these proposals by July 31st, 2019. To comment, please email hello.foex@fastmarkets.com indicating “PIX US Newsprint” in the subject line of the email.