Aug 13, 2019

COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to US Newsprint Coverage – Final Decision

HELSINKI, August 13, 2019 (PIX Paper Indices) – As previously announced and following consultation, Fastmarkets FOEX will make a number of updates to its PIX US Newsprint indices. The following price series will be affected:

  • PIX US Newsprint (30 lb/48.8 g)
  • PIX US Newsprint 27.65 lb (45 g)

These changes will be effective at the start of 2020:

  • Fastmarkets FOEX will discontinue price assessments for PIX US Newsprint (30 lb/48.8 g). We will continue to publish PIX US Newsprint 27.65 lb (45 g).
  • Fastmarkets FOEX will adjust its brightness specifications from 58-60 ISO to 55-58 ISO.

Fastmarkets FOEX currently tracks US newsprint delivered to the east coast. During the consultation, we asked for feedback on possibly including deliveries to the west coast in one single US Newsprint index. Based on the comments received, Fastmarkets FOEX will continue to focus on east coast deliveries.

For comments or queries, please email, indicating “PIX US Newsprint” in the subject line of the email.