Nov 29, 2019

COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to PIX Woodchip Indices Coverage – Consultation

HELSINKI, November 29, 2019 (PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices) – Fastmarkets FOEX is unifying its methodology and policies for all PIX indices to comply with Fastmarkets’ internal guidelines and the IOSCO principles. Along with this development, some index collection criteria will not fully fulfil these policy requirements.

Fastmarkets FOEX is considering the following changes to its PIX Woodchip indices:

-       Discontinue the PIX Hardwood Chip Asia on Jan 22, 2020.

-       Discontinue the PIX Softwood Chip Global on Jan 22, 2020.

The main rationale for this change is that PIX Woodchip indices include data delivered by 3rd parties and cannot be linked to individual companies.

Fastmarkets FOEX will undergo a consultation on this proposal, with the potential that the last index will be published on Jan 21, 2020.

For comments and queries, please email, by December 20, 2019, indicating “PIX Woodchip Indices” in the subject line of the email.