Jun 17, 2020

COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to PIX Forest Biomass Finland – Final Decision

HELSINKI, June 17, 2020 (PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices) – Fastmarkets FOEX invited feedback from the industry on the pricing methodologies for its PIX Forest Biomass Finland price indices, as part of its newly announced annual methodology review process.

As part of this open consultation, to expand the coverage on the Finnish bioenergy sector, Fastmarkets FOEX proposed additions to its PIX Forest Biomass Finland index and its sub-indices. Most of the comments agreed on the suggested regions and the new sub-index for logging residues. There were some comments about small adjustments on the region division as well as generally regarding the indices.

As the feedback was generally positive, Fastmarkets FOEX will go forward with the plan and the following additions will be made for PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices:

  • Regional indices to PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index and selected ones of its sub-indices (forest chips, sawdust, bark) will be added. The final selection of the sub-indices will be based on test data collected during the coming months.
  • A separate official sub-index for logging residues will be published, and possibly, based on the test data, also regional indices for this sub-index
  • Based on the feedback during the consultation and comments from the price data contributors, Fastmarkets FOEX decides the regional division to go along the line from Vaasa to Imatra dividing Finland in two (west/south and east/north)

The changes are planned to take effect starting in October 2020 (based on August data).

For comments and queries, please email hello.foex@fastmarkets.com, indicating “PIX Forest Biomass Finland” in the subject line of the email in English, Finnish or Swedish.