Feb 23, 2021

COVERAGE NOTE: PIX Paper weighting scale updated

HELSINKI, February 23, 2021 (PIX Pulp and Paper Indices) - Fastmarkets FOEX has updated the weighting scale (Appendix 1) of the PIX Paper methodology in response to the continued structural consumption decline on the graphic paper market. This update ensures that the weighting scale better corresponds to the current market situation. The methodology including the weighting scale can be found here.

Weighting between price providers is achieved by assigning more price points to larger buyers/sellers than to smaller ones. The number of price points assigned to each provider is scaled by the annual volume of sales or purchases of paper in each index grade group (LWC, CWF, copy paper and newsprint). Volumes are checked in January to define the weighting for that year and the weighting scale may be updated and republished annually.