Feb 14, 2022

PRICING NOTICE: Annual Review of PIX Sawn Softwood Timber Finland Indices - Final Decision

HELSINKI, February 14, 2022 (PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices) - Fastmarkets FOEX invited feedback from the industry on the pricing methodology for its PIX Sawn Softwood Timber FAS Finland price indices via an open consultation process between January 14 and February 11, 2022, as part of its annual methodology review process. Fastmarkets FOEX proposed no changes to the current index methodology or specifications. This consultation was done as part of our published annual methodology review process.

There was feedback received during the consultation period asking for prices from buyers of sawn softwood to be included in the calculation in addition to data from sellers. These indices are currently calculated based on price data provided by companies producing and exporting sawn softwood. Fastmarkets FOEX welcomes data contributions from buyers, as long as they comply with the current methodology and specifications. Fastmarkets FOEX would like to thank for the feedback, and we will continue to pursue the inclusion of buyer data. As this is already stated in the methodology, no changes will be made to that document at this stage.

This consultation sought to ensure that our methodologies continue to reflect the physical market under indexation in compliance with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) principles for Price Reporting Agencies (PRAs). This includes all elements of our pricing process, our price specifications and publication frequency.

A newly dated methodology document is now available here.